About CityBridge

CityBridge is the New York City-based consortium that owns, operates and oversees the LinkNYC program, including Link5G, which launched in 2022. CityBridge is a joint venture between Intersection, an out-of-home media and technology company, and Boldyn Networks, a wireless infrastructure provider.

Since its inception in 2014, CityBridge has partnered with NYC to embark on an ambitious, first-of-its-kind plan to create the largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network in the world. CityBridge's mission is to provide NYC residents and visitors with free and equitable access to connectivity, information, and wireless services across the 5 boroughs.

The LinkNYC Program

The LinkNYC program provides the following free services to the public through a network of thousands of kiosks:

  • High-speed, public Wi-Fi throughout NYC
  • Nationwide phone calling
  • 911 and 311 access
  • Access to all social services hotlines
  • Video-relay service for the deaf and hard of hearing community
  • Access to government and social services websites
  • Community information and local businesses advertising
  • USB ports for mobile device charging

Links help New Yorkers stay informed and connected by broadcasting vital information about the news, weather, transit, health, local events, Community Board and Borough updates, NYC Facts, and more.

Links also serve as a resource for NYC’s community-based and cultural institutions. The kiosks feature free advertisements for small and local businesses through the LinkLocal program and city inspired art from local artists as part of the #ArtOnLink initiative. Through partnerships with community based organizations, LinkNYC also provides connectivity and support for Gigabit Centers in each borough (including the one inside Silicon Harlem) that deliver technology training and learning opportunities to help increase digital literacy and bridge the digital divide.

LinkNYC by the Numbers (as of Sept. 2022)1.

1. Estimated data as of September 2022.